An invitation to the 98th Cork Eucharistic Procession

The 98th Cork Eucharistic Procession to mark the feast of Corpus Christi will take place on Sunday May 26th. The procession will leave the North Cathedral at 3pm and make its way through the city to Saints Peter and Paul's where there will be a short liturgy and benediction of the Blessed Sacrament. Parish groups are encouraged to gather at the Cathedral and to process together under their parish banner. For those who may have mobility issues, you will be able to join the procession at the river side of the Opera House under a Eucharistic Banner. The Stewards will facilitate and direct this group to join the Procession. The media reported that over four thousand people processed in 2023, and it is wonderful to see that the Eucharistic Procession continues to unite people of faith across Cork from many different communities and backgrounds. The procession which will celebrate 100 years in 2026, is a great public witness to our faith in the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. People from Parishes throughout the Diocese and especially those around the city are strongly encouraged to join us for this important event for our city and our people of faith united around the Eucharist.