Education/Students of the Priesthood

Dear Parishioners,

The annual collection for the Priesthood Education Fund in the Diocese will be taken up on weekend of 23rd/24th September.  This year two seminarians will begin studies in St. Patrick’s College Maynooth.  Both have completed a year of initial formation in Vallodolid last year.  Another man is studying for the Permanent Diaconate in the Diocese.  The Priesthood Education Fund will finance their studies as well as costs for ongoing training and education for priests.  In the region of €110,000 will be needed to meet these costs in the coming year.  Last year €70,616 was raised in this collection which was very generous.   Appreciating that these are difficult financial times, you are asked to be as generous as you can to the Priesthood Education Fund annual collection this year.

Thank you. 
Ballyphehane/The Lough/Togher - Family of Parishes. 





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